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Formula Woman is a global organization with the goal of breaking down barriers that hold women back from motorsport. 
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Women with Drive

As the public interest in female sport increases and the gender gap decreases, we’re excited to see that female drivers are beginning to get the recognition that they deserve. With the growing interest in racing, following the popularity of Netflix’s Drive to Survive, the appetite for motorsport is reaching a whole new demographic.


The international Formula Woman competition is a worldwide driver search to find raw talent and potential in nonprofessional female drivers. Formula Woman's goal is to remove boundaries that hold women back from being successful within motorsport, by providing funding, coaching and support along their racing journeys. 

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Jodie Sloss
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Erika's teammate and fellow Formula Woman winner is Scotland's own Jodie Sloss. 

Splitting their time behind the wheel of the #64 car during the GT Cup endurance races, Erika and Jodie are a strong pairing who work incredibly well with each other. The two are excited for their future and where their career will take them.

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